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Basic Understanding of Developmental Directions and Harmony Assessment

This survey taps how you feel about yourself. As you will see, it has a certain Eastern feel to it. Once you have completed the scale, your score and its meaning will appear.

If you live in the United States, please enter your zip code. If outside the US, enter your country:

For the following items, rate the degree to which you agree or disagree:

I'm at peace with myself even when things aren't going well.
My value depends on how well I do at meeting my goals.
I accept myself when I'm suffering or in pain.
I need to change basic parts of my personality.
When other people disappoint or reject me I feel kindness toward myself.
I'm the same basic person I always was.
It's OK for me to fail.
I often feel at war with myself.
My feelings about myself change according to how well I am doing.
Winning or succeeding is not central to me.
I feel a sense of understanding towards those who have mistreated me.
I am completely comfortable with the way I look.
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